Viking Spirit

In all the Denmark you are not far from Viking history. The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde is not an exception. Here you can find the shipyard where reconstructions of the viking ships and traditional Nordic wooden ships are build, and the Activity House where adults and children can learn how the handicrafts of the Viking Age were built. The Scandinavia's oldest town of Ribe is the right place to take a journey 1300 years back in time. In the Viking Center you can come face to face with the blacksmith, the King's minter, the völva, the lady of the house, the thrall (slave), the warrior, the falconer, the carpenter, the farmer and all the animals on his estate. The viking center are not only tourist attractions but also a great life experience, they are brought to life not only by the centre's staff, students and craftsmen, as well as volunteers from a number of different groups that want to enjoy the ancient way of life of viking age.